The CGPCS has made remarkable achievements in organizing the global counter-piracy efforts. It is time to capture the experience of the group and ask how its success can be replicated in other fields of global governance. The Lessons Learned Project (LLP) wants to assist the CGPCS in this endeavor. The LLP is an initiative of a consortium of research institutions that have agreed to act in an open and inclusive manner in support of the CGPCS Chair to document lessons learned. The LLP consortium follows up on the 2013 plenary decision to compile and secure the institutional memory of the CGPCS with a specific focus on lessons learned.

The core task of the LLP is to capture the experience of the CGCP participants. The LLP is not an academic exercise. Capturing experience and drawing lessons useful for other fields of global governance requires the participation of everyone involved in the CGPCS work. Hence, the LLP invites contributions from all participants in the CGPCS’s work. These written contributions should

  • Reflect on the work of the CGPCS in general, or on achievements in relation to specific issues to include legal issues, military coordination, capacity building, messaging or illicit flows.
  • Comment on how the work of the CGPCS was innovative and useful to organize the fight against piracy.
  • Discuss and detail concrete examples or anecdotes from the working groups or the plenary.
  • Outline what worked and what didn’t and offer thoughts of whether and how these experiences could be transferred to other issue areas of global governance or other problems of maritime security.

Written contributions can be in the range of 800-3.000 words. They can draw on and outline the experience of delegations and/or of individuals that have participated in the CGPCS. Representatives from international and regional organizations, non-state actors as well as experts are encouraged to contribute to the project. Submitted contributions will be made publicly available and become part of an online resource on the experience of the CGPCS. They can be published anonymously. The overall results of the project will be presented and discussed at a future meeting of the CGPCS plenary.

The project invites expressions of interest to contribute to the project or the direct submission of contributions to We also offer the opportunity to be interviewed instead of submitting a written text. If you prefer such an option, please contact us at the same email address. For questions or further inquiries on the project please contact Dr. Christian Bueger (Cardiff University) at

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