20th plenary of CGPCS commences in Mauritius

mauritiusThe CGPCS will hold its plenary from the 5th to the 7th of July in Mauritius. The 20th plenary will not only be important to discuss recent pirate activities, but also to determine the future shape of the counter-piracy infrastructure. The meeting will kick start with the working group meetings on Wednesday afternoon. Three meetings are scheduled: The Working Group on Mitigation at Sea will discuss its future agenda under the chairmanship of the UAE. The Somali Maritime Security Coordination Committee (MSSC) led by the Federal Government will discuss progress in the Somali maritime security governance structures. The Regional Capacity Building Working Group under the chairmanship of the Government of Kenya will continue its assessment of capacity building needs. Also, a meeting of the UN Trust Fund is scheduled.

The majority of plenary presentations and discussions are scheduled for Thursday. Opening statement are expected from the Government of Mauritius, the Government of Seychelles, the United Nations, and the Federal government of Somalia. This is followed by a discussion of the current threat situation, updates on regional developments, and a debate on the future working structures of the CGPCS. Friday events will focus on the communique and the adoption of the CGPCS reform.

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