Engineering Consensus, regionalizing counter-piracy. In conversation with Dr. Marcus Houben, EEAS

In the newest edition of the “In conversation..” series, Dr. Marcus Houben, Head of the Support Team of the EU 2014 chairmanship of the CGPCS, discusses how he got first involved in the work of WG1 and contrasts the work of WG1 and WG 2. He tells the history of the Capacity Building Coordination Group and why the CGPCS was instrumental to coordinate the European Union internally. He develops an understanding of the CGPCS as a mean to put different puzzle pieces together. In the second part of the conversation he outlines what type of work is involved in the chairmanship of the group and what challenges lie ahead in order to transfer the work of the group to the region. The interview took place at EEAS offices in Brussels, 18th September 2014 and the full interview will be available soon.

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