Roundtable on CGPCS experience at World International Studies Conference

The CGPCS is an important case for International Relations scholars to understand the changes in current global governance and the trend towards informal security governance. Discussing the CGPCS in this light was the objective of an academic roundtable at the conference of the World International Studies Committee held in Frankfurt, 6-9.8.2014. The roundtable featured Dr. Marcus Houben, head of the support team of the EU chairmanship of the CGPCS, Dr. Conor Seyle from Oceans Beyond PIracy, Kerstin Petretto, IFSH Hamburg, and Dr. Christian Bueger, Cardiff University. Being part of the panel series on maritime security studies, the roundtable attracted a large audience of scholars and significant interest in further studying the CGPCS, its mode of working and its achievements in curbing piracy.

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