Outcomes of the 20th Plenary of the CGPCS

cgpcs-864x400_c (3)The outcomes of the 20th plenary of the CGPCS held in Mauritius are now available. The communique of the CGPCS summarises the main observations, decisions and next steps that were agreed at the three-day meeting. Please download the communique here. Major highlights of the plenary include:

  • the ongoing high level commitment of the international community to combat and deter piracy and support Somalia and the states in the Western Indian Ocean region.
  • It was decided to increase efforts to arrest and prosecute pirate leaders, financiers and facilitators.
  • It was agreed to closely monitor the current situation at sea through threat and risk assessments.
  • Also, the new future working configuration was agreed. Please find a summarised version of the CGPCS bodies her. 


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