Hostages released

On the 23rd of October it was announced that 26 hostages captured during the heyday of piracy off the coast of Somalia were released. The crew of the FV Naham 3 was in captivity for 4.5 years and was released thanks to the support of the Hostage Support Partners program of Oceans Beyond Piracy. In a press declaration, the current CGPCS chairman, Minister Joël Morgan, commented

“It is indeed pleasing to understand that at long last, the crew of FV Naham 3 have been released from their captivity this after the tireless work of many, and in particular the efforts of Hostage Support Partners (HSP) for Oceans Beyond Piracy. It was earlier this year at the 19th Plenary of the CGPCS, held in Victoria, Seychelles, that John Steed of Oceans Beyond Piracy, made an impassioned plea that the contact group must appreciate that while acts of piracy being committed have been greatly reduced and contained, that piracy was not at an end, this as long as hostages remained. Those attending the plenary supported this call wholeheartedly. Today as the 26 remaining hostages of the Omani flagged vessel are going through the process to be reunited with their families, we are reminded and pay tribute to the three crew members who are not going home and who have since passed. As Chairman of the contact group I extend a job well done to all involved in this release. I again state that the work for 2017 remains to ensure that Somali piracy does not re-energise itself becoming once again a scourge on our seas, and that focus remain on the handful of hostages still in captivity to bring them home safely as well.”

Read the full press declaration here.

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