WG1 meeting announced for November

Today it was announced that a meeting of the Working Group 1 will be held in Dar Es Salaam on November 16th.

At the 19th Plenary of the UN’s Contact Group for Piracy off the Coast of Somalia (CGPCS) held in Victoria, Republic of Seychelles early this year, it was agreed to form a Working Group focussing upon the Indian Ocean region (outside of Somalia). This Group was charged with identifying the priorities and issues for regional maritime security capacity building. The Group will be co-chaired by Kenya and the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) in line with agreed reconfiguration of Working Group 1 (WG1) to enable greater responsibility and ownership for capacity building by the region. The UK will be providing support to Kenya and the IOC in the initial stages of this Group, as part of the transition programme  to relinquish  its role as co-chair of WG1 by 31/12/16. The first meeting of the Group will take place on Wednesday 16th November in Dar Es Salaam. Invitations to attend this Group will be sent to regional countries and active donors in the region.

If you wish to attend this meeting please contact the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

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