The State of Maritime Piracy: New Report by OBP

How is maritime piracy developing? What are the current numbers? The NGO Oceans Beyond Piracy (OBP) continues to be a main source of information on piracy and its human and economic cost. For the first time OBP has published an aggregated report on piracy which brings all available data together. Please read the entire report here. Core findings include

  • Southeast Asian piracy is especially dangerous for seafarers based on the quantity of
    attacks and 90% boarding success rate. Nearly 3,600 seafarers were on board
    vessels boarded by pirates in SE Asia.
  • Gulf of Guinea piracy continues at unacceptable levels. There have been no piracy
    prosecutions and there is a lack of effective cooperation between regional
    governments and industry.
  • Total economic cost estimated at $983 million for 2014.
    Collective efforts to address Somali piracy continue to dwindle, while there are
    indications that pirate activity and intent remain. Total economic cost for 2014
    estimated at $2.3 Billion.
  • At least 5,000 seafarers were attacked in Southeast Asia, the Gulf of Guinea, and Western
    Indian Ocean in 2014.

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