CGPCS Meeting on High Risk Area announced

The definition of the High Risk Area (HRA) and how it is linked to the coordination of SHADE, the reporting area of the Best Management Practices 4, and the War Risk Area of the Joint War Committee of the LLoyds Market Association continues to be a contentious issue. The question of whether the HRA requires to be revised is on the CGPCS agenda since the 11th plenary (New York, 29th March 2012). Notable progress on the question has been made since the CGPCS chairmen organized a special ad hoc meeting as part of the 17th plenary session in Dubai. The purpose of that meeting was to allow all stakeholders to explain their position and put forward ideas on the scope of the HRA. Stakeholders agreed to a high degree of responsibility by all stakeholders in approaching this subject. Stakeholders expressed the wish to identify a shared, common, way forward. To push the debate forward the acting chairmen of the CGPCS is organizing a meeting to facilitate a recommendation on the review of the scope of the HRA. The meeting takes place on the 13th of March in Brussels.

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