Forthcoming: “Reactive, mobile and nimble”: Why the CGPCS worked and how to redesign it

The Lessons Learned Project is delighted to reveal the latest figure to participate in our In Conversation with series, Alan Cole from the UNODC.

In this conversation Alan Cole, head of the UNODC Counter Piracy Programme (2009-2013) and UNODC Maritime and Transnational Crime Programme (since 2013) discusses how the CGPCS achieved to get a broad range of actors together and focus attention on the problem of piracy. He also takes a critical stance in arguing that more should have been done to ensure commitment from the government of Somalia and that not always all of the stakeholders have been adequately represented. He identifies the dangers that the CGPCS increasingly suffers from inefficiencies and over time has become more ritualistic and hence risks losing its experimentalist spirit. He foregrounds the importance of focussing the work on the challenges and the areas were the collective brainpower of the CGPCS members can make a difference. The conversation also includes reflections on how the future counter-piracy architecture could look like.The conversation was held on the 3rd of November 2014 at the UNODC offices, United Nations Office in Nairobi. The full transcript of the conversation is available here.


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