In Conversation with Phil Holihead, IMO: Focus on Delivery!

In the latest addition to the “In conversation…” series of the Lessons Learned Project, we have spoken with Phil Holihead, head of the Project Implementation Unit of the Djibouti Code of Conduct of the International Maritime Organization. In the conversation he lays out some of the lessons from piracy from the perspective of an implementation agency. He underlines the importance of the CGPCS for networking and identifying collaborative projects. Holihead stresses that the emphasis of the CGPCs work has to be put on implementation, delivering, or “doing” as he puts it. There is a continuous risk that meetings of the Contact Group become talk shops, not the least because too many different actors and agendas are combined in some of the formats. Holihead moreover outlines how important the relationship between containment and capacity building is, and that capacity building should focus on the broader long-term perspective. He also lays out how the international community should react to future outbreaks of piracy and stresses the importance of taking a long term and preventive perspective. The interview took place at IMO Headquarters, 9th September 2014. The full interview is available here.

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